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Sustainable candles with inspirational quotes that highlight the human individuality

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  • Candles, baby

    Clean, vegan, and sustainable. Our natural, eco-friendly candles and soy wax products will elevate your space.

  • Waxed and relaxed

    These candles are made to let you get lost in their aroma, giving your mind and body a chance to relax! Inhale, exhale...

  • All the vibes

    Let your space reflect your individuality. Think of it as a high-light reel of who you are. The essence of you. There's a scent here that fits you perfectly.

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Made to inspire

Made to inspire

Cool, calm, collected. "Made to inspire" is a reminder that you too, are a breath of fresh air. Being your authentic self is exactly the inspiration others are looking for. It takes courage to be yourself.
We have time

We have time

We're young, wild, and free. Don't rush, honey, you have your whole life ahead of you. Stop for a second and appreciate the moment.
When things change inside you things change around you

When things change inside you things change around you

Nothing is impossible to you. You have complete control over your life. Your life is ready to bloom, let it.
Inhale exhale

Inhale exhale

Alright stop, inhale exhale, continue. Zest for life comes from keeping things in balance. Squeeze out all life has to offer you.

&Frankie's here to finally give a voice to inspirational people through our products. Come along, meet them and connect with their stories.

Stories that connect

If you're ready to listen, we have so much to tell you. We all share universal experiences yet sometimes feel so lonely. You're going through something, I probably went through as well. Let me share my story, so you can feel better about yours. We're here to highlight the human experience through the eyes of interesting people.

Products that reflect

Each product is a part of a collection that's based on a speciffic scent and a quote. Our scent blends are unique, you'll find your match, we're sure. Let our products reflect who you are.

Highlighting the human experience

What would you say if you knew the world is listening? &Frankie gives a platform to all who want to share valuable lessons, stories of overcoming, inspirational experiences, and uplifting outlook on life. Be open to receiving.

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