Meet &Frankie


The story of &Frankie is a simple one. Think of it as your internet fairy-godmother that has curated a collection of stories from people around the globe and is highlighting the parts that resonate with us all, creating a global human experience. 
&Frankie is not a person, it's not a place, it's anything you want it to be for yourself. We simply call it an inspirational safe-place, a magical corner on the internet.
  • We're handling it

    That's right, we handle things quite literally... by hand. Every product is hand made by masters and we take great pride in it.

  • All about that soy life

    It's simple - soy wax is sustainable, parafin is not. We're choosing soy for our products to give you a longer burn time and a more intense scent.

  • Safe for our planet

    Let's face it, our actions matter. So we're choosing to create products sustainably and to not harm our planet. There's no planet B.

Products that reflect, stories that connect

& Frankie's on a mission to give the universal human experience the voice it deserves. Think of it as a highlight reel for your life. A reflection of many shared experiences, we're finally connecting through inspirational products. A reflection of you and me, a glimpse into our personalities. There's a scent and quote here just for you.

We have time

We're young, wild, and free. Don't rush, honey, you have your whole life ahead of you. Stop for a second and appreciate the moment.

Take your time

I love us

We have something special. We're yin and yang, day and night, a match made in heaven. We're vanilla, but we're not boring.

Find your love

Inhale exhale

Alright stop, inhale exhale, continue. Zest for life comes from keeping things in balance. Squeeze out all life has to offer you.

Inhale citrus

Made to inspire

Cool, calm, collected. "Made to inspire" is a reminder that you too, are a breath of fresh air. Being your authentic self is exactly the inspiration others are looking for. It takes courage to be yourself.

Inspire me

When things change inside you things change around you

Nothing is impossible to you. You have complete control over your life. Your life is ready to bloom, let it.

I want change

Stand up for what you believe

It's important to stand for what matters. Climate and our planet matters to us. Our focus is on creating sustainable products where the only lasting thing is it's scent, nothing else. We choose natural fragrances, renewable ingredients, and sustainable packaging.

All products

All products

Celebrating diversity, highlighting individuality, and preaching acceptance. Those are the unifying factors in all &Frankie's collections. Be who you are, be present and mindful, be the change you want to see in the world.