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Do you know what's really cool? Caring. 
It's no secret we're the generation that speaks up, doesn't settle, and demands change. All these things apply to many topics, but especially to climate change. We're responsible and expect the brands we decide to support to also take this matter seriously enough to do something about it. Let's look at how &Frankie cares about our planet. 

There's no Planet B*

This is our home for the time being. We need to protect it and if not save it, then at least not harm it. That's a belief we all share here at &Frankie. For us caring means using renewable ingredients such as soy wax. It's vegan, renewable, non-toxic, and a sustainable choice. Those are just the environmental benefits. It also makes any scent added to it last longer, giving us more potent products. It melts evenly, produces less soot, and is less hot.  

We don't use plastic. Unless there really isn't a good alternative yet. Our products are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes, we don't use bubble wrap. Instead we recycle left over product packaging to create a padding for packaging our products. It's pretty awesome. We make everything ourselves, we control the process, and know exactly what goes into our products. Our scents are all natural, so are the other ingredients. Eco certified to be exact. 

You should care what your money supports

Let's put it this way, when you shop anywhere, you're supporting the brand. And that's amazing. But wouldn't it be so much better if by shopping you could support a brand that shares the same values you do? That's just a win-win situation. We're as transparent as possible with you, because you should know what your money supports. If you shop at &Frankie, know that you're helping make sustainable products more accessible to anyone and changing the industry norms. This is the future. Sustainability.
  • We're handling it

    That's right, we handle things quite literally... by hand. Every product is hand made by masters and we take great pride in it.

  • All about that soy life

    It's ismple - soy wax is sustainable, parafin is not. We're choosing soy for our products to give you a longer burn time and a more intense scent.

  • Safe for our planet

    Let's face it, our actions matter. So we're choosing to create products sustainably and to not harm our planet. There's no planet B.

Stand up for what you believe

It's important to stand for what matters. Climate and our planet matters to us. Our focus is on creating sustainable products where the only lasting thing is it's scent, nothing else. We choose natural fragrances, renewable ingredients, and sustainable packaging.

All products

All products

Celebrating diversity, highlighting individuality, and preaching acceptance. Those are the unifying factors in all &Frankie's collections. Be who you are, be present and mindful, be the change you want to see in the world.